Crankshaft Stop
AST tool# T10050

  • Installs and Removes Quickly and Easily

Used for locking the crankshaft in place during timing belt replacement on [2004-2014] Volkswagen TDI Pumpe Duse engines (BEW, BHW, BRM, CBEA, CJAA and CKRA) equipped w/ round pulley #038105263F and #045105263A.

On the [2005-2006] Volkswagen Jetta 1.9L BRM engine, it may need the #T10100 crankshaft stop instead if equipped w/ oval pulley number #038105263H. Also used on newer Volkswagen 2.0L (turbo diesel) engines BHW, CBEA and CJAA.

Tool Applications for Individual Tools listed below
(List includes applications for all tools included. Some models appear duplicated):

     2004 - 2006 Volkswagen - Beetle
     2013 - 2014 Volkswagen - Beetle
     2004 - 2014 Volkswagen - Golf
     2009 - 2014 Volkswagen - Jetta Sportswagen
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