Volvo Fuel Tank Locking Ring Tool
AST tool# V5720

  • 1/2" Drive

  • Comparable to Volvo Tool #9995720

Applicable to Volvo: V70 (00-), S80, XC90, S60, V70 XC (01-) / XC70.

Used on the following engines: B5204T4, B5204T5, B5234T3, B5234T7, B5244S, B5244S2, B5244S6, B5244SG, B5244SG2, B5244T3, B5244T4, B5254T2, B6284T, B6294S, B6294S2, B6294T, B6304S3, B8444S, D5244T, D5244T2, D5244T3, D5252T MSA 15.8, and B5204T3.

Tool Applications for Individual Tools listed below
(List includes applications for all tools included. Some models appear duplicated):

    Volvo - S80 
    Volvo - V60 
    Volvo - V70 
    Volvo - V70 XC 
    Volvo - XC70 
    Volvo - XC90